What are the requirements for pcb multi-layer circuit board proofing?

- May 26, 2018-

Nowadays, in various enterprises, we pay special attention to the quality of products. In the manufacturing industry, the improvement of product quality plays an important role in the reputation of the industry. PCB multi-layer circuit boards have a good reputation in the circuit board manufacturing industry. Quality, so many pcb multi-layer circuit board manufacturers will conduct multi-layer board proofing before production to verify the performance of the circuit design meets the requirements, the following Xiaobian to analyze the pcb multi-layer circuit board proofing requirements are what?

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1, the appearance of clean. Pcb multi-layer circuit board needs proofing when proofing the appearance of the product appearance flat corners without burrs, no delamination between the wire and the solder mask phenomenon, under such a clean appearance requirements pcb multilayer The circuit board can guarantee a better welding effect, and can be used for a long time without any problem that the connection is blocked. The neatness of this appearance also ensures that the pcb multi-layer circuit board produced by the manufacturer meets the appearance requirements of practical use.

2, the process of reasonable requirements. After the proofing, the colorful structure board also needs to study whether its process is reasonable, for example, whether there may be mutual interference between the lines, and whether the problem of the solder joint connection in the soldering is good on the tin is also very important. Among them, the electronic components made of pcb multi-layer circuit boards will also ensure long-term and stable operation.

3, CAM optimization requirements. To obtain a higher quality pcb multi-layer circuit board, the relevant CAM processing is performed during the proofing process. This processing method optimizes the line width and the distance between the pads to achieve optimization. Only in this way can the pcb multi-layer circuit board be guaranteed. The circuit interactions between each other have better signals and make the quality of the power circuit board proofing better.

The above is the basic requirement for pcb multi-layer circuit board proofing. High-quality proofing can make pcb multi-layer circuit board have higher quality, and can be mass-produced after quality is ensured. Therefore, pcb multi-layer circuit board increase requirements are reasonable. The design plan is also for better production of pcb multi-layer circuit boards. Merchants through this optimization method will make pcb multi-layer circuit board presents a more prominent and more stable performance, to bring more help for China pcb multi-layer circuit board production industry.

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