Copper core PCB is different from the standard metal core PCB

- Sep 08, 2016-

Copper core PCB is a copper substrate + Insulated layer + copper circuits layer PCB,also, it is called copper substrate pcb, copper based pcb,copper clad pcb.

As a MCPCB manufacturer,we made various Copper core PCB for customers,
Which used for High Power LED lighter ( 1000W+ ) and power supply.

If you have read our articles about the metal core PCB, you may know it’s good heat dissipated performance.
Today we are going to discuss a similar one named copper core PCB.

A new test of copper core PCB

There were many tests during the PCB manufacturing process, but if you visit a copper core PCB factory, you many see some difference testing.
Into a 4,2mm thick stack-up we have implemented two 1,8mm solid-copper-cores with additional heat-sink-blind-vies.
In between, complex signal layers are running just like on a standard 4-layer multilayer PCB.

The design of copper core PCB heat management

You know metal core PCB has good heat management performance.
During copper core PCB design process, you should consider more factors than MCPCB design.
This is a combination of a complex multilayer layout and high-performance heat-management.

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