Heavy copper Printed Circuit Boards( PCBs)

- Aug 30, 2016-

There is really no set definition of what constitutes a Heavy Copper PCB. General,in the industry label PCBs with 3 or more ounces of copper on the inner or outer layers as a heavy copper PCB.

MOKO have made many type heavy copper pcb and extreme thick copper PCB for Customer.
such as inner layer 8 OZ, out layer 40 OZ(1.05mm).

Heavy copper Printed Circuit Boards( PCBs) Application:

  • High power distribution boards

  • Power distribution junction boxes (automotive)

  • Heat dissipation product

  • Planar transformers

  • DC to DC power converter

  • Power amplify Module

Heavy copper Printed Circuit Boards( PCBs) Capability:

Max.Size: 500*600mm
Finished PCB thickness: 6.5mm Max.
Inner copper layer: 20 OZ
Outter Layer : 40 Oz
Solder mask: Green/Blue/Black/Yellow..
Surfact treatment: HASL Lead Free, OSP, ENIG, Immersion Silver

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