High Density Interconnect PCB

- Aug 30, 2016-

High Density Interconnects (HDI) are used to meet the market demand for complex designs in smaller form factors across the majority of market segments, (Wireless, Telecom, Military, Medical, Semiconductor, and Instrumentation).

HDI Circuit boards, one of the fastest growing technologies in PCBs, HDI Boards contain blind and/or buried vias and often contain microvias of .006 or less in diameter.

They have finer lines and spaces always = <3mil They have a higher circuitry density than traditional circuit boards.

MOKO maintains years of experience with HDI products and was a pioneer of second generation microvias. now offer an entire family of microvia technology solutions for your next generation products

High Density Interconnect PCB Application:

  • Cell phone

  • PDA

  • UMPC

  • DSC

  • Camcorder

  • Portable game console

  • HDI PCB Capabilities

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