High Quality & Competitively Priced Quick Turn PCB Prototyping Services

- Jul 05, 2016-

MOKO have the capabilities to provide either machine or hand placed quick turn PCB assemblies. We also provide reflow and hand soldering services. All of our PCBs undergo optical and flying probe tests before they are sent for delivery.

When it comes to PCB prototyping, many clients would like to have the option of ordering a small quantity of printed circuit boards before they decide to go in for a large production run. At Sierra Assembly Technology Inc., we understand this perfectly. We support clients from various industries, and meet their requirements by providing high quality quick turn PCB prototyping services.

Our Quick Turn PCB Assembly Capabilities

At MOKO, we conduct all our PCB design, PCB manufacturing, and assembly work in-house. This allows us to meet various requirements of our customers in a short amount of time. We provide the following solutions in PCB prototyping:

  • Single and double sided boards

  • Rigid, flex, and rigid-flex PCBs

  • One piece through beta run

Benefits of PCB Prototyping at MOKO

When customers choose to work with us, they avail a variety of benefits through our quick turn PCB assembly services:

  • A small order allows the clients to see the usability of a custom PCB, before ordering a large production run.

  • In-house quick turn PCB prototyping allows us to maintain a high level of quality in our components, production runs, and custom requirements.

  • In-house work also reduces the overall price of the PCBs delivered.

  • We can design, produce, and deliver quick turn PCBs within one and three days.

  • We have the capabilities to take on all types of PCB orders – from turnkey, consignment, as well as mixed models.

At MOKO Technology Ltd., we can meet all the quick turn PCB prototyping needs of our customers. Our services ensure that you receive high quality products on time, and at competitive prices.


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