The Need for Lead-Free PCB Fabrication & Assembly

- Oct 24, 2016-

In response to the continued support for the RoHS initiative, the team here at MOKO has several offerings to satisfy your lead-free PCB manufacturing needs. All of our lead-free PCB solutions are both RoHS initiative compliant, and offer the same excellent product quality and customer service you’ve come to expect from MOKO.


Around the world, it is becoming more important than ever for electronics companies and parts manufacturers to eliminate harmful materials from the PCB assembly and fabrication processes. Just as initiatives in the United States require companies to eliminate certain materials like lead, there is a need for suppliers and electronics makers to adopt high standards no matter where they operate. According to a report in Printed Circuit Design & Fab Online Magazine, non-government organizations worldwide are pushing for worker and consumer safety standards to be raised by eliminating harmful materials in the electronics industry.

By working with printed circuit board suppliers that use high-quality materials and processes free of harmful chemicals, your team is able to ensure that contamination risks in the environment and community are reduced. Research the materials used and capabilities of your PCB manufacturer so you have all of your regulatory needs met every step of the way.

What Are Your PCB Fabrication & Assembly Requirements?

As you go through the PCB design process, it is important to keep track of the special requirements your project has for fabrication and assembly. Certain components, tolerances, and types of microvias all play a role in how your order is handled and processed.

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