The recognition method of capacitance and resistance identification method are basically the same.

- Sep 17, 2015-

Direct calibration method, color method and standard method number 3. Farah (f) are expressed as the basic unit of capacitance, other units are: millimetre (MF), micro method (UF), Na (NF), skin (PF). Including: 1 farad =10^3 millifarad =10^6 micro =10^9 nano method =10^12 skin method of large capacity capacitor the capacity value in capacitance indicated directly, such as 10 uF/16V small capacity capacitance capacity value in capacitance by letters or digital representation of the letter said: 1m=1000 UF 1P2=1.2PF 1n=1000PF number of words representation: general use three digit size, before two represents a valid digital, the third digit is magnification. Such as: 102 said 10 x 10^2PF=1000PF 224 said 22 x 10^4PF=0.22uF3, the capacitance error table symbol F G J K L M allows error% + + + / - 2% + 5% + 10% + 15% 20% such as a ceramic capacitors for the 104j said capacity of 0. 1 UF, the error is + 5%.

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