Variable capacitance diode

- Sep 17, 2015-

Guan Bianrong diode is based on internal ordinary diode PN junction capacitance variation with the applied reverse voltage changes and change the principle of specially designed out of a special diodes. Varactor diodes in cordless telephone set is mainly used in mobile or landline high frequency modulation circuit, low-frequency signal modulated to the high frequency signal, and send them out. In the working state, the modulation voltage of the variable capacitance diode is generally applied to the negative electrode, so that the capacitance of the capacitor is changed with the modulation voltage. Variable capacitance diode failure, mainly for leakage or performance variation: the leakage phenomenon occurs when, high frequency modulation circuit will not work or modulation performance. The varactor performance variation, high frequency modulation circuit of instability, the modulated high frequency signal is sent to each other by the receiving party after the distortion. In the case of the above, it should be replaced with the same type of variable capacity diode.

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