A Regular Monthly Meeting Was Held In MOKO

- Jun 05, 2017-

A regular monthly meeting was held in MOKO

The meeting was held in May 27th and it was a monthly routine meeting in MOKO technology Ltd. The meeting included three parts:

1.Intorduce themself for new employees

To make our new colleagues introduce themselves in order to let them fit into MOKO technology family more quickly. They expressed the happyness of entering the company and the prospect of future work.




2. Honored the excellent employees.

Recognition of good employees is an encouragement to these employees for a month's hard work, the encouragement and reward will inspire employees work harder.





3. Our CEO made conversation.

Our executive emphasized that we must keep our customer in the first place and the spirit of hard struggle. Provide our customer professional suggestion, high quality products and excellent service. MOKO will try our best to provide satisfactory service and achieve professional skills on print circuit board.



After we finished meeting, we hold a birthday party, all longevity in May were share their cake and happy. we finished our meeting during cheerful chatting and laughing.


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