Application Of Medical PCB Assembly Market Description

- Aug 11, 2017-

     In the past two years, the domestic and even the global lithium industry and the new energy automobile industry, caused the shortage of raw materials copper foil. As the anode material carrier and cathode fluid, the copper foil is an important material of lithium battery. Since 15, with the rapid development of electric vehicle industry, the power lithium battery industry also presents a burst-type growth, 16 China's new energy vehicle sales are expected to reach 700,000, on the basis of 15 to double. Along with this, the demand of copper foil for lithium batteries also presents a trend of explosion.Medical PCB Assembly
    At present, the most widely used copper foil two industries are mainly in the lithium battery market and PCB CCL market. Because lithium-ion copper foil and PCB standard copper foil in the production of equipment and technology has a greater difference, lithium-ion copper foil of the profit far higher than the standard copper foil, so many copper foil manufacturers more willing to convert copper foil to the lithium-ion industry. Medical PCB Assembly
   And a large number of lithium-ion copper foil requirements lead to copper clad laminate main raw materials shortage and price increases. Lithium battery demand for copper foil increased by 200%-300%, and copper foil capacity expansion rate of 4%-5%, can not meet the lithium-ion industry and peripheral products for the demand for copper foil, and will further lead to other industries, especially CCL's copper foil supply and demand imbalance, and then lead to the corresponding price increases in copper foil Medical PCB Assembly
   PCB industry has been fierce competition, the copper foil market changes to the PCB industry is no worse. CCL is about 40% of the total PCB production cost, PCB cost impact on the largest, although large-scale PCB factory and CCL factory signed a long-term contract agreement, but the raw materials manufacturers will still be due to the shortage of copper foil caused by copper clad laminate production and increase prices, and reduce the PCB enterprises copper foil and plate supply. Medical PCB Assembly
   Generally speaking, the entire electronic board-level products are going through the process of making boards and patches, in the production of circuit boards in the process of several processes is to pass through the yellow room, green in the yellow light room better visual effect, but this is not the main. In SMT welding, to pass the tin and paste and the final Aoi calibration, these processes require optical positioning calibration, a green background of the instrument to recognize the effect of a better.Medical PCB Assembly

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