Benefits Of Surface Mount Manufacturing

- May 11, 2016-

Surface mount technology is designed to make mounting of electrical components on PCBs easy and fast. To produce the high quality printed circuit boards at reduced costs, surface mount technology needs Surface Mount Components (SMC), advanced component connecting methods, new mounting techniques, testing methods, and set of new design rules. The electronic products that are made with SMT based printed circuit boards are known as Surface Mount Devices (SMD).

Here is the list of some benefits of PCB surface mount manufacturingover through-the-hole technique of constructing PCBs:

  • The size of the surface mount components is much smaller than the size of the electrical components (with lead) used for through-the-hole manufacturing. In this way, SMT greatly contributes to the production of portable and small sized electronic devices.

  • A single high-end surface mount component can perform several operations.

  • Manufacturing of PCBs using SMT is automated.

  • SMT helps in the fabrication of reliable interconnections between components.

  • The electrical elements can be fused on both sides of the board.

  • Higher operating speed as the component are mounted and interconnected at shorter distances from each other.

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