Burn-in Boards, Burn In PCB Capabilities By MOKO

- May 28, 2016-

A burn-in board is a printed circuit board that functions as a jig in the burn-in process. The burn-in board is used as part of the ASIC reliability testing process during which components are stressed with heat to detect failures. MOKO offers Burn-in PCB, Burn-in Boards for use during burn-in & testing electronic devices . To learn more about our burn-in boards, contact us today.

Burn-in is a process done to components prior to regular use in which the components are stressed to detect failure and ensure component reliability.

The PCB burn-in process is usually done at 125ºC, with electrical excitation applied to the samples. The burn-in process is facilitated by using burn-in boards where the samples are loaded. These burn-in boards are then inserted into the burn-in oven which supplies the necessary voltages to the samples while maintaining the oven temperature at 125ºC. The electrical bias applied may either be static or dynamic.

Through our strong network with the best PCB Manufacturers in Shen Zhen, China and over-seas, MOKO offers the most reliable Burn-in Printed Circuits Boards.
There are no limitations on BIB order quantity or lead time with MOKO on a burn-in PCB fabrication order.

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