Circuit Board Simple Maintenance Method

- May 28, 2018-

During the production and use, the circuit board may be abnormally operated or even burned due to processing errors, improper use, and component aging. Here are some general procedures, precautions, and tips for circuit board repair.

1. Check the status of components

Get a faulty circuit board first check the circuit board is intact, whether the various components are obviously burned or not inserted wrong.

2. Check the welding status of the circuit

See if the circuit board is fully soldered, if there is any soldering, false soldering, short-circuiting, and if the copper is lifted.

3. Carefully observe the direction of the components

Check if the diodes, electrolytic capacitors and other directional components are inserted in the wrong direction.

4. Simple measurement of components

Use a multimeter to simply measure components such as resistors, capacitors, and transistors to determine whether the resistance is larger or smaller, whether the capacitor is open circuit, and whether the inductor is open circuit.

5. Power on test

Confirm the above steps are correct under the circumstances of the circuit board electrical test, check the corresponding function of the circuit board is normal

6. According to the corresponding function maintenance

If the circuit board cannot be repaired according to the above steps, it depends on the schematic of the circuit board. Knowing the working principle of the circuit board, it may cause problems in a certain link and cause the corresponding functions to fail.

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