Composition Of Circuit Board

- Sep 17, 2015-

The circuit board is mainly composed of pads, holes, mounting holes, components, connectors, wire

Wotefu circuit board film circuit SMT patch

Wotefu circuit board film circuit SMT patch (6)

, filling, electrical boundaries, etc., the main function of each component is as follows:

Solder pad: metal hole for welding component pins.

Over the hole: there is a metal hole and a non metallic hole, wherein the metal hole is used to connect the components between the various layers.

Mounting hole: used for fixing the circuit board.

Wire: electrical network copper film used to connect components pins.

Connector: used to connect components between circuit boards.

Fill: the application of the ground wire network, can effectively reduce the impedance.

Electrical boundary: for determining the size of the circuit board, all the components on the circuit board can not exceed the boundary.

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