ESP8266 WI-FI Module Developed By MOKO

- Jun 13, 2017-

ESP8266 WI-FI Module Developed by MOKO

ESP8266 WI-FI module is a product which developed by MOKO technology LTD. All software and hardware are provided by our company. Our professional engineer are able to provide the design, also, we can customize the product according to the customer's request. Here we would explain the ESP8266 WI-FI module in details.


1.      Introduction


The ESP8266 WI-FI module is basically, a complete WI-FI solution, which have self-contained operating system and integrated TCP/IP protocol stack that can be easily connect to the microcontroller for gaining the access to any Wi-Fi network. This module has the capability of either to give or gain the applications and functions from other module or processor, means that this also has the facility of hosting or uploading the functions and applications. For connecting this module to any WI-FI network, just upload the pre-programed program which is set in this module as firmware. This is very cost effective module with an ever growing and huge communication community.

This module has powerful storage and data processing capability therefore it can easily integrate with sensors and others processing units. This is high degree on chip integration device which has a very low PCB circuitry area. It is supported with IPSD for output applications and also interfaced with Bluetooth. This module does not require any external RF signal because it have self-contained calibrated signal. The ESP 8266 WI-FI module is shown in figure below


2.      Application

Here we particularize some applications as fellow:

l  Use in IOT: Internet of things is a network. That is used in our daily life, in which embedded and electronics are combined use. In this network a small computer is directly involved for controlling the home appliances such as light bulbs, fans, refrigerator and microwave oven etc. All these home appliances can be easily control through the WI-FI ESP8266 module and this system is called home automation system.

l  It is used in quadcopters and drone attacks for checking the target through WI-FI

l  It is used in robotic arms for controlling the positon of arm automatically through the WI-FI network.

l  It is used with temperature sensors for controlling the temperature automatically.

l  It is used in security cameras for controlling and check the cameras positon at any time of a day.


In a word, esp8266WiFi module will be used in electronic device more widely owning to its function. Using WI-FI module will be the new trend in the coming days.

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