Introduction To Classification Of Substrate Materials For Printed Circuit Boards

- Aug 14, 2017-

              Printed circuit board production of a wide range of materials, according to its application of the main materials and auxiliary materials two major categories. Main material: Become a part of the raw materials, such as copper clad laminate, solder resistance inks, marking inks, also known as physical and chemical materials. Auxiliary materials: Materials used in the production process, such as photochromic dry film, etching solution, electroplating solution, chemical cleaning agent, drilling pad, etc., also known as non physical and chemical material.Circuit Boards

              Printed circuit board substrate materials can be divided into: single, double-sided PCB with substrate materials; multilayer board material (thin copper clad laminate, half cured sheet, prefabricated multilayer board), laminated Multilayer board material (organic resin film, resin-coated copper foil, photosensitive insulating resin or resin film, organic coating resin, etc.). The current use of the most of the substrate material product form is CCL. CCL products have many varieties, they according to different rules, there are different categories.Circuit Boards

              According to the classification of flame-retardant characteristics: According to the UL Standard (UL, 94, ul746e, etc.) the level of the plate flammability, the substrate materials can be divided into four categories, namely UL-94 V0 level, UL-94 V1 level, UL-94 V2 level and HB level.

              According to the specific characteristics of CCL can be divided into: according to a specific copper clad laminate can be divided into different grades of CCL, mainly in some of the more high-grade plate.Circuit Boards

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