Introduction To The Controller Board

- Jun 20, 2017-

    Industrial control panel in the industrial equipment is usually called the power control panel, power control panel can often be divided into the power supply control panel and high-frequency power control panel. IF power control panel is usually connected to the SCR frequency power supply and other intermediate frequency industrial equipment used in conjunction, such as intermediate frequency electric furnace, intermediate frequency quenching machine, IF forging and so on. The high-frequency power supply used in the high-frequency control panel can be divided into IGBT and KGPS, IGBT power frequency because of its energy-saving, so IGBT high frequency board is widely used in high frequency machine. Common industrial equipment control panels are: CNC slab engraving machine control panel, plastic molding machine control panel, liquid filling machine control panel, sticker die-cutting machine control panel, automatic drilling machine control panel, automatic tapping machine control panel , Positioning labeling machine control panel, ultrasonic cleaning machine control board;Controller Board

    Motor is the implementation of automation equipment, automation equipment is the most critical components, if more abstract and the image of the description, like people's hands, intuitive operation; to properly guide the "hand" work, you need all kinds of motor drive Control panel; commonly used motor drive control panel: ACIM-AC induction motor control panel, brush DC motor control panel, BLDC-brushless DC motor control panel, PMSM-permanent magnet synchronous motor control panel, stepper motor drive control panel , Asynchronous motor control panel, synchronous motor control panel, servo motor control panel, tubular motor drive control panel. Home appliances control board in the increasingly hot things now, home appliances control panel is also integrated into the Internet of things technology, where the home control panel not only refers to the family, there are many commercial control panel. There are several such categories: home appliances network controller, intelligent home control system, RFID wireless curtain control panel, cabinet air conditioning control panel, electric water heater control panel, home hood control panel, washing machine control panel, humidifier control panel, Dishwasher control panel, commercial Soymilk control panel, ceramic furnace control panel, automatic door control panel, electronic control lock control panel, intelligent access control system. Mainly used in medical equipment on the circuit board, control equipment work, data collection and so on. Around the common medical instrument control panels are: medical data acquisition control panel, electronic sphygmomanometer control panel, body fat meter control board, heartbeat control panel, massage chair control panel, home physical therapy instrument control panel. Controller Board

    Automotive electronic control board is also understood as: used in the car on the circuit board, always monitoring the driving state of the car, convenient and safe for the driver to provide a happy journey service. Common car control panel: car refrigerator control panel, car LED taillight control panel, car audio control panel, car GPS positioning control panel, car tire pressure control panel, car reversing radar control panel, car electronic alarm control panel, Car ABS controller / control system, automotive HID headlamps and so on. Digital power control panel and the market switching power supply control board similar to the early transformer power supply smaller than the size, high efficiency; mainly used in some high-power, and more front-end power control. Digital power control panel has such a number of categories: power digital power control panel module, lithium-ion battery charger control panel, solar charge control panel, smart battery power monitoring control panel, high pressure sodium lamp ballast control panel, high pressure metal halide lamp control panel Wait.Controller Board

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