LED Lighting PCB, MOKO Is Your Professional LED Lighting PCB Manufacturer In China

- Aug 23, 2016-

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and has been around for many years but only recently generally available as a genuine alternative to traditional light sources. Nowthere is a real boom for LED lighting. We can provide all kinds of PCB for LED.

Illumination, for example aluminum base pcb, copper base PCB, FR4 PCB with different materials, like Bergquist material, Laird material and Taiwan material.

Led Lighting have advantages:


  • Energy Efficiency, saving much energy compared with other light source;

  • Long Life, life time up to 100,000 hours;

  • Available in a range of colors, like red, blue, green and the widely used white color;

  • Durable, don't need to change bulbs frequently;

  • No UV Emissions/Little Infrared;

LED Illumination includes but not limits to LED Tube Lights,high power LED street lighting,Energy saving LED light bulbs,LED High Bay Lamps,high power LED flood lights,LED spot lighting.

China PCB supplier have been very famous for manufacturing LED Lighting printed circuit board

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