Loom Controller Board

- Jul 11, 2017-

                display window: Display load current at normal operation, range 01~35, 0.1a~3.5A; 2, on power: The controller on the electricity, power LED light, digital tube display upper protection current; for example, "04", which indicates that the load current is greater than 0.4A, motor stop protection. 3, start: Press the Start button, the motor operation. At this point the digital tube displays "HF", indicating that it runs in the self-tuning state. Since the setting time is about 1 minutes, the whole set is complete, the digital tube shows the current actual load current of the motor, and enters the normal working condition. Note: Do not stop or externally add resistance when setting your own state. 4, stop: In normal working state press "Stop" button, motor stop. 5, point move: Press the "Point Move" button, the motor operation; loosen the "point move" button, the motor stops. The Touch button is independent of the protection control.Controller Board

                Each time the controller is on, the upper limit protection current is displayed and the upper limit protection current parameter can be modified. Motor Upper Protection Current setting: (Strictly according to the motor power set the upper limit current) 1 power supply, before the LED point light down "stop" key, when the display window display "-", Release the button; 2 at this time with the start key and stop key can be used to protect the upper limit of current settings. Press the Start button to increase the current, press the STOP key to reduce the current. 10 seconds without key press, automatically exits. Set the range 01-35 (0.1a-3.5A).

For example, set to 15, when the load current is greater than 1.5A, turn off the output, motor stop.Controller Board

               Set up, wait 10 seconds after the parameters are automatically deposited and exited, the Exit display window will display "Oh", at this time press the start of the motor to enter the starting state and display "HF." Note 1, the following circumstances, the motor will stop protection, please check the reason: ① load current is less than 100mA, the motor will be stopped; ② load current is greater than the upper limit protection current, the motor will stop; ③ load current is greater than the self-tuning current, the motor will stop; ④ the first approach to the switch sensing the signal, the motor will stop; ⑤ if the second proximity switch does not monitor the rotation signal, the motor will stop (for multiple motor control); ⑥ if the machine rotates slowly (below 50 times per minute), Motor will stop (for multi motor control). 2, if there is frequent downtime or internal fuse fuse, must be excluded from machinery, motor, power failure, and the replacement of internal fuse, the party can start, prohibit the increase of the upper limit current forced start.Controller Board

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