MOKO’s Development--NRF51822 Module

- Jun 14, 2017-

MOKO’s Development--NRF51822 Module

The NRF51822 Bluetooth module is a powerful, highly flexible multiprotocol SOC ideally suited for Bluetooth low energy and 2.4GHz ultra low-power wireless applications. The NRF51822 is built around a 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU with 256kB/128kB flash + 32kB/16kB RAM for improved application performance. The embedded 2.4GHz transceiver supports both Bluetooth low energy and the Nordic Gazell 2.4 GHz protocol stack which is on air compatible with the nRF24L series products from Nordic Semiconductor. MOKO technology Ltd provides all software and hardware to develop it. Here are specifications of NRF51822 Bluetooth module develop by MOKO.


1.      Features

n   Bluetooth standard V4.0 compliant.

n     Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822-QFAA-xxx.

n     2.4GHz transceiver

l  -93dBm sensitivity in Bluetooth low energy mode

l  250Kbps,1Mbps,2Mbps supported date rates

l  TX Power -20 to +4dBm in 4dB steps

l  13mA peak RX,10.5mA peak TX(0 dBm)

n   ARM Cortex-M0 32 bit processor

l  275uA/MHz running from flash memory

l  150uA/MHz running from RAM

l  Serial Wire debug(SWD)

n  8/9/10bit ADC- configurable

n  31 General Purpose I/O Pins

n  SPI Master/Slave

n  Low power comparator

n  Temperature sensor

n   Two-wire Master(I2C compatible)


n  CPU independent programmable Peripheral Interconnect(PPI)

n  Quadrature Decoder(QDEC)

n  AES HW encryption

n  Real Timer Counter

2.      Application

n  Computer peripherals and I/O devices

l  Mouse

l  Keyboard

l  Multi-touch trackpad

n   Interactive entertainment devices

l  Remote control

l  Gaming controller

n  Beacons

n  Personal Area Networks

l  Health/fitness sensor and monitor devices

l  Medical devices

l  Key-fobs + wrist watches

l  Remote control toys


3.     Electrical Characteristics


For advance users who want to customize the settings of the Bluetooth module. You can communicate with us, MOKO has the most professional engineers can help you achieve it. However, you are encouraged to skip this to get NRF51822 Module working as well!

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