PCB Circuit Board Planning

- Aug 02, 2017-

           PCB circuit board planning mainly includes the following parts: Set the shape of the circuit board and Physical boundary, set the PCB board of the electrical boundary, set the circuit board installation mode. The following will be introduced.Circuit Boards

           1. Set PCB circuit board shape and physical boundary: in Protel DXP PCB Board File Wizard, we have preliminarily identified the shape and physical boundaries of the circuit board. But before we draw the PCB board, we may also adjust the details of the circuit board boundary. If we want to modify the boundary of the circuit board, we can execute the command in the Board Shape submenu in the menu command design. The commands in this submenu are all related to the boundary settings.Circuit Boards

           The commands in the Board Shape menu have the following meanings: 1 redefine Board shape. 2 Move board vertices. 3 Move Board shape. 4 define from selected objects. 5 auto-position Sheet.Below, we will give an example on a blank PCB board to draw the shape of the PCB and physical boundaries, while mastering the use of these commands. The size of the PCB board we built is 2000x1500mil. First, we want to create a new blank PCB documentation. Click the PCB Files command in the new column of the Files panel. This opens a PCB board file with no settings. We then set the current working level to Mechanicall (the first mechanical layer). Executes the redefine board shape (redefining the PCB shape) command in the Board Shape menu, the window becomes green, the cursor is in a cross shape, and the system enters the shape of the editing PCB board. We move the cursor to the coordinates (1000MIL, 1000mil) and click the left mouse button. Then move to coordinates (1000MIL, 2500mil), (3000mil, 2500mil), (3000mil, 1000mil), click the left mouse button. Circuit Boards  

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