PCB Prototype, Low Volume And Quick Turn PCB

- Jul 10, 2016-

With PCB Prototype For Sale, your PCB prototype, low volume and quick turn jobs will get:

* Quality and efficient work and service

* On-line price matrix allow you to work out your cost by yourself immediately without any requirement of SIGN-UP or Membership

* One price includes engineering, production, testing and shipping to wherever FedEx, UPS and DHL can reach.

* Professional advice on your design and panel arrangement to lower your cost

* Free check on your gerber

* 3 to 5 working days as standard lead time for your 2 to 6 layers job

* PCB assembly, both consign or turn-key, are also available to make your work done more efficiently


Our PCB Prototype Capability:

Material:FR4, High Tg material, CEM1, CEM3

Board thickness:0.4 ~ 5.0 mm

Layer count:1 ~ 22 layers

Copper weight:Up to 5 Oz

min finished hole side:8 mils

Min trace width/space:3/3 mils

Solder mask:Green, Blue, White, Black, Blue, Yellow

Legend:White, Black, Yell

Max board dimension:18*24 inches

Finish type option:Imm Gold, Imm Silver, Imm Tin, Hard Gold, HASL, LF HASL


Got questions? Just give us a call or email(jenny@mokotechnology.com.cn). MOKO’ll be happy to discuss your PCB Prototype project with you.

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