Plastic Film Printing Process Allows Soft Circuit Board To Evolve Lighter, Thinner And Greener

- Jul 11, 2017-

                In recent years, the design of consumer electronic products is constantly in the direction of light, short, and how to upgrade technology to meet the needs of consumers, so that products can be in the novelty of the market to get the opportunity, is the knowledge of each designer.

                To innovation, environmental protection, human-oriented philosophy, committed to plastic film printing line technology, the use of self-developed special colloid printing line in a variety of materials (pi, pet, etc.), and then nano-grade conductive metal powder evenly sprinkle, form the circuit, then the hot-pressing laminating protective film (Coverlay, Uvmask), reinforcing plate, welding paint and other operations can be in accordance with the different needs of customers, making process adjustment, also because do not use copper foil substrate as the substrate, can make the product more frivolous, Better flexibility and longer service life.  

               Process in the use of clean and non-polluting production, and no exposure, development, etching, cleaning and other complex procedures, so do not need the traditional process of waste water treatment equipment, reduce the harm to the environment and staff.Circuit Boards

                The entire use of automated volume continuous production equipment, significantly improve the production capacity and delivery speed, product quality also because of automation equipment to be controlled, reduce human factors on the quality caused by the instability, and all materials through the SGS Six Environmental Certification (RoHS, Halogenfree, PFOS, PFOA, SB, Reach), and environmental Reliability Safety regulation experiment, so that users peace of mind, but also to the earth to do a good job.Circuit Boards

                 Plastic film printing technology can be applied to the most popular touch panel, RFID, biotech medical, and so on, with the ability of customized services, and from materials, processes, equipment, human capital to start to work diligently to reduce costs, to provide manufacturers with excellent price competitive advantage, and to achieve the goal of the pursuit of manufacturers satisfaction.Circuit Boards

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