Providing Swift And Superior PCB Surface Mount Manufacturing Services

- Jul 12, 2016-


Surface mount printed circuit boards are a specialty at MOKO Technology Ltd. We have earned the trust of clients from around the world with our PCB surface mount manufacturing services. We pride ourselves in creating error free prototypes, and completing the manufacturing process within time, and to required expectations.

SMT Manufacturing Offerings

Our services are designed to meet the requirements of clients from around the world. Our PCB surface mount assembly services comprise:

  • POP

  • QFP

  • BGA

  • QFN

  • uBGA

  • PLCC

  • SOIC

Our Capabilities

We can design and produce an SMT from scratch. We also accept existing designs from clients, and create the PCB according to their requirements.

  • Our two SMT manufacturing lines enable us to take on small and medium volume production orders.

  • We can provide the assemblies as SMT PCBs, or as mixed circuit technologies.

  • We also have the capabilities to design and construct RoHS and non-RoHS PCBs, as well as lead-free constructions.

Throughout the process, we ensure that the PCB meets Design for Manufacturability (DFM) requirements.

To maintain the quality of the component placement process, we perform reflow SMT soldering on individual components. This allows us to have immense control over the reflow process, at the same time obtain maximum output from the PCB.

At MOKO, our PCB surface mount manufacturing services are designed to provide fast lead times, utmost quality, and flexibility. Our clients appreciate our products and services for their competitive pricing.


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