Quick Turn PCB, Quick Turn Printed Circuit Boards

- Jun 09, 2016-

If you want quick turn PCB production; you want MOKO!

No matter when you need your QTA boards, we can make it happen. By using our vast network of fully qualified partners we can provide whatever you need...when you need it.

Sample Lead Times on QTA PCBs

Eight layer FR 4 boards in 24 hours no problem!

Rigid Flex circuits in 48 hours no problem!

Military boards in 48 hours no problem!

PCB Assembly in 24 hours no problem!

Let us worry about getting your boards to you on time.

We'll take care of your QTA requirements no matter what they are.

Call us at 86-755-23725796 email your request to jenny@mokotechnology.com.cn or get an instant PCB quote .

Tell our experts what you need and we will provide you with the right PCB fabrication and assembly solution.

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