Quickly Understand PCB Board Electrical Testing

- Dec 29, 2016-

PCB board electrical testing is the production of circuit boards must be carried out after a test, and some inevitable external factors can cause damage to the circuit board, such as short circuit and so on. If you do not test the defective plate into the production, it will cause greater losses, so in addition to improved process control, improve the testing technology for the PCB manufacturer can also provide reduce scrap and improve product yield solutions .

In the electronics manufacturing process, due to the cost of the damage caused by defects in various stages of varying degree, the easier it will lower the cost of remedy. “The Rule of 10’s” is a commonly used to assess the process at different stages of PCB was found to be defective when the cost to remedy. So printed circuit board E-testing is the most improtant.

In the PCB manufacturing process, there are three stages to be tested:
1, inner layer etching
2, after etching the outer line
3, finished

Each stage usually 2 to 3 times the 100% testing, screening out bad board for further re-processing. Therefore, the PCB board E-testing is also a question of process data collection point, the best source, by the results, get open circuit, short circuit and other insulation of the percentage for rework inspection, the use of quality control methods to find root of the problem to be solved.

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