Related Principles Of Circuit Boards

- Aug 11, 2017-

     Electronic Technology Hardware foundation deep maintenance personnel and the maintenance work is full of confidence. But if the method is not working, it will be ineffective. So what can be done to better improve the maintenance efficiency? Here are some of the principles to be discussed below for peer reference. Make maintenance work methodically and sequentially. Principle one: First look at the volume, treatment of the circuit board should be the first visual inspection. It is necessary to use the magnifying glass to observe. Circuit Boards
     Main look: 1. Whether there is a disconnection and short circuit, especially PCB connectors on the circuit board is the existence of fracture adhesion and other phenomena; 2. The relevant components such as resistor capacitance inductance diode transistor and so on whether there is a disconnect phenomenon; 3. Have any repairs been made? What components have been moved? There are some problems, such as false welding, leakage welding and inserting.Circuit Boards
     When the above condition is excluded, a multimeter is used to measure the resistance between the power supply and the circuit board. The resistance of the circuit board should not be less than 70ω. If the resistance is too small, only a few or more than 10 ohms. It is necessary to take measures to find out the components of the circuit board which are penetrated or partially penetrated. The specific method is to be repaired board to add electricity (note!) It's time to make sure the voltage value of the plate is not connected with the positive and negative polarity and is added above the working voltage value. Otherwise the Repair circuit board will be hurt! Old fault did not rule out and add new problems!) The temperature of each device on the circuit board is measured by the temperature of a point thermometer, which is regarded as the key object.Circuit Boards
     If the resistance is normal, then use the multimeter to measure the resistance vessel parts on the board. Transistor field effect tube and stripping switch and other components. The aim is to ensure that the components being measured are normal. The problems that can be solved by using general test tools, such as universal tables, should not be complicated. If circumstances permit, it is best to have a good circuit board as a reference. Then using the tester's dual-bang VI-curve scanning function to the two boards for good and bad contrast test. The beginning of the comparison test point can start from the circuit board port, and then from especially for the capacitor comparison test. This can make up the multimeter on-line is difficult to detect capacitance leakage of the shortcomings.Circuit Boards
    To short-circuit the crystal oscillator (note the Crystal vibration of the four feet to understand that the two feet for the signal output of the foot can short-circuit the two feet. Remember that the other two feet are the power of the foot must not be short!) For the large capacitance of the electrolytic capacitor also need to weld the next leg to open the way. Because the charge and discharge of high-capacity capacitors also can cause interference. On-line testing or comparison of devices in the process of testing through (or more normal) of the device, please directly confirm the test results to be recorded. Can be tested again for tests that were not passed (or compared to a variance). You can also confirm the test results if it is not passed. This continues to be tested until the device on the board is tested (or compared). Then deal with the devices that have not passed the test (or compared the variance).Circuit Boards

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