Smart PCB Prototyping And PCB Assembly

- May 27, 2016-

Looking for quick-turn prototype PCB manufacturing & PCB assembly of high quality?

MOKO is an ISO 9001:2008 certified,high-technology Printed Circuit Boards manufacturer and Assembler, one-stop shop for design, fabrication & assembly of PCBs.

We specialize in quick turn PCBs and Mass production. Unlike some PCB companies that are simply brokers/middlemen, we are the actual manufacturer and assembler of our PCBsBy owning our manufacturing and Assembly facilities, we control every aspect of the production schedule and quality. And this is why we can provide our customers unprecedented quality, reliability and a single point of support.


Aimed to make your PCBA work simple and better,MOKO TECHNOLOGY provide different services according to your needs.

Full-proto service:When speed is what you need.

Short-Run service:When you need lower cost with quality and convenience.


And,all machine placed SMT PCB assembly,whether you need a single board or few thousand.After assembly,we have skilled engineer team to deal with function testing and programming.To get quote,just need Gerber and BOM list,then quotation will be offered within 24 hours for your reference.

Are you worried your design maybe released to third party?We will sign NDA with you before you sending design files,all of your information will be protected.


"Quality - Delivery - Price - Service". Commitment to our customer's success is job one. Building quality products, on time, cost effectively, and with customer satisfaction is our conviction.

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