The Introduction And Application Develop In MOKO

- Jul 10, 2017-

The Introduction and Application Develop in MOKO

Beacon is a piece of hardware – Size can be varied based on range & battery size but usually like small cheese cube. Basically, it transmits a Low Energy Signals with Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. It has a range of sending signals up to 400 meters. ( Effectively around 50 meters). Smartphones / Smart OS and Beacons is the best example of dual technology combined in BLE App development. Smartphone with an app can receive this signal as well as can trigger action accordingly.

For example, if you are having iBeacon App Development and you tick Beacon device with any of your important belongings (Bag), you can get a notification when your bag goes out of the range specified in the app, also you can get the notification when it comes within range of your app. With the use of Bluetooth protocol, there are also many proximity based solutions possible. You can also read our blog posts on iBeacon App development.

Our iBeacon development/ BLE App Development provide numerous utilities to the clients. Some of them are mentioned below:

· Smart interactions with your customers

· Push notifications designed according to your client’s needs

· Beacon enabled payment systems

· Also, History and information of your clients


Moreover, MOKO has our own iBeacon

MOKO has our own beacon device. We also have developed multiple POC with BLE Device. Our Proof of Concept also includes heart rate measurement. Temperature and humidity sensors. iBeacon has used in many field of intelligent technology and will use in more field.

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