Turnkey PCB Assembly

- Aug 14, 2017-

                Modern PCB board assembly enterprise production and manufacturing part of a large number of use of screen printing machine, SMT machine, reflow furnace and other automation equipment, the basic use of industrial control machine. Because the data interface and format of the manufacturer are different, the equipment information cannot be shared centrally, and many "information islands" are formed, which cannot be analyzed and processed by the same data. Although most of the equipment has the ability to collect production process parameters, but there is no network connection between the equipment, the acquisition parameters can only be manually viewed through the display screen or disk backup way to complete, not timely response to the entire production line, real-time performance. At the same time, manual acquisition increases the workload, reduces the work efficiency, the correctness also cannot obtain the safeguard.Turnkey PCB Assembly

                PCB assembly industry characteristics determine if a link to the problem, will result in the whole batch of products in the scrap. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the key production parameters in real time and to locate the error location and give the correct alarm information. At the same time, some important parameters are adjusted automatically.

Enterprises no longer satisfied with the most simple, direct kanban information, the need for real-time production data, the dynamic monitoring of production behavior. On this basis, supplemented by the method of quality Process control methodology, the scientific and systematic quality process analysis is carried out to support the judgment and timely processing of the field production process and to improve the quality of production.Turnkey PCB Assembly

                There is a fault between the enterprise planning layer and the field equipment control (DCS), and the complete automatic/semi-automatic closed-loop business process cannot be realized. As PCB assembly industry small quantities of diversification, order changes frequently characteristics, production planning and order requirements can not be released to the site in a timely manner, the workshop can not be timely according to the actual situation of the production plan to adjust. Reduce productivity and impact delivery time. And the stability of the delivery period is an important factor in customer procurement.Turnkey PCB Assembly

               In addition, there are a lot of repetitive manipulation and error-prone links in the production process of workshop site. For example: How to effectively control the use of the material rack in a large number of patches on site, how to ensure the correctness of the material position, how to verify the correct correspondence between the order and the production BOM and so on.Turnkey PCB Assembly

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