PCB Reverse Engineering Service

PCB Reverse Engineering Service

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China PCB reverse engineering service is the process of reversing product design data (including design drawings or digital models) based on existing product models. China PCB reverse Engineering service uses 3D digital measuring instruments to accurately and quickly measure the contour coordinates of the workpiece for existing workpieces (samples or models), edit, modify, construct the surface, and then transfer it to the general CAD/CAM system. Then CAM The NC machining path of the software-generated tool is sent to the CNC machining machine to make the required mold, or sent to the rapid prototyping machine to make the sample model.

PCB Reverse Engineering Service

1. Select components such as integrated circuits, transformers, and transistors that are bulky, have many pins and play a major role in the circuit, and then draw the drawing from each pin of the selected reference component to reduce errors.

2. If the printed circuit board is marked with the component serial number (such as VD870, R330, C466, etc.), since these serial numbers have specific rules, the components with the same Arabic numerals after the English alphabet are the same functional unit, so the drawing should be used skillfully.  Correctly distinguishing the components of the same functional unit is the basis of the drawing layout.

3. If the serial number of the component is not marked on the printed board, it is best to give the component number for the analysis and proofreading circuit. When designing printed circuit board components, the manufacturer generally arranges the components of the same functional unit relatively in order to minimize the copper foil routing. Once you find a device that has a core function, you can find other components of the same functional unit as long as you can find it.

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